rose philogene

Instructor, RYT 200

Rose began practicing yoga in 2016, when she was looking to add more movement into her lifestyle. She was not much of a gym person, and could not find an exercise routine she wanted to stick to. When a friend of hers suggested yoga, she researched “free yoga” in her area and came across a group that practiced near her at the park. After about a year of yoga at the park as well as exploring a variety of other outdoor yoga events, she decided she wanted to sharpen her skills and learn more about this practice. After researching yoga studios in her are she found Just Yoga in Corona, CA.

Rose’s love for yoga began to grow as she continued to explore the different yoga classes the studio had to offer. The community of teachers and yogi friends she met motivated her to keep coming to class and she began working at the studio front desk while taking classes. She soon began to really notice the benefits of yoga in her everyday life. “I wanted to share yoga with everyone around me, and especially to people of color who may have not been exposed to yoga before within their communities.”

In 2022 she became a certified yoga instructor. “I am still amazed by all the positive benefits of yoga; the practice has not only helped me feel my best physically over the years, but it also calms my mind and brings me mental clarity during the stressful moments in my life.” 

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