lisa suomi

Instructor, E-RYT 200

Lisa discovered yoga in 2005, and she’s extremely grateful for its positive impact on her wellbeing. She has benefited greatly from yoga’s physical health benefits, and the calming stillness of her practice continues to bring her clarity and joy.

Lisa originally found yoga by accident while looking to remain active when nursing a minor injury at the gym. Little did she know that that day would change how she viewed fitness, and yoga would become a permanent part of her life. In yoga, Lisa found an exercise outlet which provided much more for her than physical fitness. As a frazzled mom of two young children newly relocated out of state, Lisa found personal peace and stillness on her mat like nothing she’d ever known. This instant love for yoga grew as Lisa began to explore the practice in a gym environment.

Once back in Southern California, it took many years living in Corona to find Just Yoga in 2014… but she is so glad she did! After briefly meeting studio owner Lisa Salners, Lisa felt so welcomed and comfortable that she enrolled in teacher training which was completed in 2015. Her practice grew in the studio environment as her knowledge and confidence expanded. Lisa continues to learn and has a strong appreciation for how yoga can impact our health. Lisa enjoys sharing her love of yoga with others and hopes they too, can benefit from yoga in their own unique way.

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