Advanced Training Dates

How to Effectively Teach Mixed Level and Advanced Classes
october 20-21 2018, 12pm-4pm

Through discussion, demonstration, and practice, students will learn to effectively “read” a mixed-level class, learn which advanced apex postures are best suited to be taught in a mixed level class (i.e. easily modified to make it more challenging or more accessible), how to cue in a manner that all levels of students present are able to find what they “need.” Additionally, students will learn to teach advanced classes with multiple apexes, how to safely sequence so students are physically and energetically prepared for each stage, and how to counterpose physically and energetically.

Lessons of the Bhagavad Gitā
december 1 2018, 8am-4pm

Within the context of the Indian epic The Mahābhārata, and through a reading of the Bhagavad Gītā, we will apply the lessons contained within to our modern world, understanding it as a call to dharma and finding that meaning in our own lives.

This will be a day filled with story-telling as well as discussion, where you find the beauty and excitement in this ancient text.

Hatha Yoga as Taught in the Pradīpīka
february 23 2019, 8am-4pm

In order to better understand the history of our modern hatha yoga practice, we will discuss, and, where appropriate, try the techniques and postures as taught in the Hatha Yoga Pradīpikā.

Deconstructing the “Guru” Model & Teaching Yoga Ethically
april 27-28 2019, 8am-4pm

An examination of the pros and cons of “Gurus” in modern society. Discussion will include the psychological impact of authority figures, the “fall” of several major yoga luminaries and the fallout from each, as well as respected teachers whose good reputations have held true.

We will discuss and role play situations exploring Teacher-Student boundaries, Teacher-Teacher relationships, the duty of the teacher to encourage student independence, as well as various other ethical considerations, learning to recognize the importance of the yamas and niyamas in the modern world and in business.