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Just Yoga's 6th Annual Holiday Party featuring our World Famous White Elephant Gift Exchange (this is the one you hear rumors about all year long!).  Feel free to bring a dish/beverage to share.  Pleaseemail Damien for location/directions.  

Saturday, December 5th, 7:00 p.m.

Are you Gold, Silver, or Bronze?

New student


$25 for 2 Weeks of

Unlimited Yoga!

Limit 1 per student please.

Experience is everything, and here at Just Yoga in Corona, your experience is completely original to your needs.  Our philosophy is to provide a welcoming and respectful atmosphere for all, regardless of fitness level, size, age, etc.  We have class levels ranging from those appropriate for beginners, those recovering from injuries, those "returning" to an exercise regimen, all the way up through classes for students who want to work hard and sweat.  We also provide yoga classes where stillness is cultivated for students who are looking for stress or anxiety relief.

All are welcome, and it all starts here...


yoga classes to suit your needs at Just Yoga